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Octopus Classic 110 EXT


Reef Octopus Classic 110 External Recirculating Skimmer

The New Classic External Skimmer pushes the performance barrier of skimming technology. At its core is the Hurricane chamber, powered by AT Technology and Super-Streamed by 19 pin needle wheel impellers which delivers the ultimate in skimming power and pushes the bio-load of your tank further.

The Hurricane Reaction Fuselage
Maximizes contact time of air and water by recirculation in the Hurricane chamber at the rate of up to 1500l/h (depending on your Hurricane model). This creates random multi-directional turbulence in the skimming chamber, maximizing contact time and delivering protein.

Super-Streamed Performance
Hurricane pushes the performance barrier further with the use of 19 pin needle wheel impellers, Super-Streaming the fusion of air and water into the Hurricane chamber. This means more skimming action per motor rotation.

Minimum Maintenance
Waste tube automatically transports skim-mate directly to a disposal point or a larger waste collection reservoir. This minimizes frequent maintenance of the collection cup like other skimmers, giving you more time to enjoy your

Energy Efficient Reefing
Powered by Octopus AT Turbine Pumps. Using less wattage per liter & generating less heat compared to previous generations, these units deliver more efficient performance for your filter.

Engineered for the Professional Reefer
These products are constructed with performance tested Cell Cast Acrylic, SCH-80 dark grey PVC, JG fittings and silicon O-rings. These materials will not color fade, are crack resistant, inert and non-corrosive, giving you the dependability you need and the performance your reef deserves.

Five Year Warranty
You will have peace of mind knowing these products are warranted against defective material and manufacturing faults of the body for 5 years + 12 month warranty on moving parts under normal operating conditions and usage.

Product Code: NW110EXT
Tank Size: 500L
Product Size (mm): 280x150x570
Foot Print (mm): 280x150
Air Intake: 300L/H

Installation: Exterior
Input: Additional feeder pump or from weir output

  • Model: Octopus Classic NW110 EXT
  • Manufactured by: Octopus