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Lumen Right Reflector 175-400W Single End


Metal Halide /High Pressure Sodium Lumen Right Reflector 175W /250W / 400W Single Ended

The material is made from German metal fabricator, Alanod. It has a 95% reflective mirror finish. Reflector has optical facets surrounding the lamps to maximize every possible light reflection. It has an adjustable socket assembly with a 4Meters cord attached, which allows for 175w, 250w and 400w lamps.
Each pendant has a Aluminum matte finish for a clean look. The most popular reflector on the market today!
It delivers an intense and more precise light distribution pattern over a significantly broader area at higher ceiling heights than conventional reflectors are capable of. It features 12 optically engineered facets surrounding the lamp. It also features an adjustable socket assembly that is capable of centering high wattage Metal Halide lamps within the reflector. It has the most even distribution and highest reflectivity of any reflector on the market.

Please note, Ballast/ Control Gear not included.
Lamp holder (E40) included
Australian compliant 240V plug

Size: 380x370x180mm

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  • Model: Lumen Right Reflector