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System 260 Moonlight 2 x 150W + 4x39WT5 1200mm


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Giesemann System 260 HQI Moonlight

2 x 150W MH Lamp Plus 2 x 39W T5 With MP Controller 1200mm

If you constantly improve on what is good, you can achieve perfection. An impressive example of this is the new generation System 260 moonlight, which combines metal halide and fluorescent lamps.

The moon affects not only the ocean tides. Science is forever coming up with new findings on just how much it influences life in the water.

Only by understanding the interactions involved are we humans able to explain many behavioural patterns exhibited by the inhabitants of the seas. As developers and manufacturers with scientific aspirations, we at Giesemann Lichttechnik have used these findings to develop a light that introduces moonlight into the home aquarium.

The System 260 moonlight, our flagship model, simulates natural living conditions day and night, allowing you to observe your fish in the moonlight.

Moonrise and moonset, and even the phases of the moon, pose no problem for the complex microprocessor control. We even thought of a cloud simulation.

As the moonlight lamp requires a mere five watts, the System 260 moonlight is incredibly energy efficient. The amount of light emitted corresponds to that of the natural moon, ensuring plants and fish still have their period of rest.

The perfectly thought through design details commonly associated with this light have been augmented by continuous, rapid-action height adjustment and a flexible spiral cable.

Special UV filters protect the occupants of the aquarium against excessive radiation levels. The user-friendly display provides information on all settings in as many as four languages.

It even tells you when the various fluorescent and metal halide lamps need to be replaced.

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  • Model: System 260 Moon 2x150W+2x39WT5
  • Manufactured by: Giesemann